Skills Include:

  • On-Site Tree Carvings
  • ​Custom Orders
The Vision
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About Glen Sievert

By Glen Sievert of Northern California 

For over 25 years, Glen Sievert has been creating sculptures for homes and businesses throughout California. Growing up in Humboldt County, CA where young men are destined to be lumbermen, Glen decided to be creative with his chainsaw and leave the logging to the loggers. 

Heading south to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989, his designs quickly gained popularity insold-out art shows throughout the West. With the natural beauty and outdoor durability of redwood, these statues stand sentinel in a world of plastic and cement

"I love the reactions of my customers," he says, "I constantly receive cards and letters describing how much they enjoy their carvings, how the bear they purchased is now part of their family, has a name, and so on."

Glen also carves life into dead or dying tree stumps that would otherwise be removed, some as high as 20 feet. Many of these permanent landmarks can be seen in the exclusive communities of Danville and Alamo in Contra Costa County, CA as well as other cities throughout the Bay Area.