By Glen Sievert of Northern California 

If you are ready to increase your curb appeal and enjoy a beautiful yard, you may need some yard décor to finish the look. At Chainsaw Art, we provide beautiful, rustic pieces that give your yard a talking piece as well as some cool art. Contact us about the chainsaw tree sculpture services we offer, or learn more about how it works below.

We serve San Jose, CA, as well as the surrounding areas, so no matter where in Northern California you’re located, give us a call to see if we can serve you.

Chainsaw Tree Sculpture Around San Jose, CA

Also Serving​ Danville, CA; Walnut Creek, CA; a​nd the San Francisco Bay Area

Our Art

Each of our chainsaw wood sculptures is as unique as your yard, with all the sculpture lines hand-carved with a chainsaw. Enjoy the rustic beauty of bears and their cubs, various birds, dolphins, or whatever else you want depicted out of wood.

In addition to the value that art can bring to your property, we can also enhance your yard’s function by adding extra seating. You can combine art with function and enjoy a beautiful bench with animal friends on each side.

For any sculpture, you can choose from our selection of wood, including the durable yet majestic redwood, or we can carve directly into a tree stump already in your yard, saving you the hassle of removing it without sacrificing the beauty of your property.

Our Artist

Glen Sievert is an experienced woodcarver who’s been doing this for more than 25 years — in fact, he first brought his art to the Bay area in 1989! He combines creativity with the hard work of tree felling, changing trees into artwork instead of removing them.

A dead, dying, or already-felled tree doesn’t have to be the end of its story. Bring new life into wood by ordering a tree sculpture from Glen Sievert at Chainsaw Art. Use our form to request an order today!